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Our conventional system is based on our true structural insulation panel. We were the first company in the world to encapsulate structural lumber in panels as a standard feature. Example: dimension 2x6 stud (or two) located in the center of a 4' panel. This gives the builder the same format that he or she is familiar with by imitating conventional 24" or 16" centers with a single bottom plate, two top plates, and header/king trimmer assemblies.
The pre-manufactured panels are much stronger than normal methods due to their design. Each panel is composed of exterior sheathing bonded to expanded polystyrene (EPS) which, in turn, is bonded to interior sheathing using an acrylic based moisture activated adhesive. 7/16" oriented strand board (OSB) is available in widths of 4' and in lengths of up to 24'. Interior sheathing options are drywall, OSB or Eastern White Pine Tongue and Groove boards.

Because the panel is pre-constructed, labor at the job site is reduced along with the waste generated with on-site construction. Down-sizing the panel as needed at the site is easy and requires only a few special tools. Our company specializes in customer service and will make sure that a representative will be available to show you or your contractor how to assemble the system as part of your package if necessary.

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